Who is this for?

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Anyone who has followed me on social media (twitter and LinkedIn being my big social media platforms outside of this blog) for any length of time will know that I’m a fan of Seth Godin. I believe any business developer can learn a lot from Seth’s blog and so recommended it often.

Fortuitously for me, Seth’s post overnight (Australian time) was titled: ‘Who is this for?‘ I say “fortuitously for me” because this represents my 100th post, and as with any milestone it’s only natural that you take some time to consider what the purpose is behind the activity?

So I asked myself this morning: who is this blog for?

It’s true that I have struggled with regular post scheduling – something we are all told needs to be done in order to get a following. At the same time, I have more followers than I ever expected and have interacted with people I consider my peers as a result of some of the posts that I have put up on this blog.

Can it be said then that this blog serves a self interest purpose? I think the answer to that is most certainly a “yes”. But I hope that only tells part of the story. I hope the followers and readers of this blog also gain something from it.

Importantly for me though, I have really come to enjoy blogging. I believe it make me a better writer and more learned about what is going on in the world of business development and legal services.

As it gives me a lot more than it takes, I have made the decision to continue on with this blog into 2016. I can only hope you come along for the ride.

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