The 4 Cs you need to attain “trusted advisor” status

4 Cs of Trust

Following the breakthrough work of David Maister in 2000, gaining The Trusted Advisor status has become the Holy Grail of all private practising lawyers. Not many, however, fully understand what this entails. While many may be able to name one or two elements what follows constitutes the 4 Cs you will need to demonstrate in order to attain “trusted advisor” status with clients and your work colleagues:

 C1 = Credibility: delivering what you promised, when you promised it
 C2 = Competence: having the right expertise and the right track record for the job – and being able to evidence this (as well as being able to say you DON’T have the right expertise to do the job!).
 C1 = Compatibility: being able to work collegiately (as part of a team)
 C2 = Consistency: delivering over a period of time

NB: this post was inspired by a recent post by Rachael Wheatley on PM Forum South West: “The Trusted Advisor is Dead. Long Live The Trusted Advisor

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