Fannie Mae’s GC says “Call Me When I’m Not Sending You Work”

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Part 1 of an outstanding interview with Fannie Mae’s General Counsel Brian Brooks was published to Bloomberg’s Big Law Business website on Friday.

Although full of insightful comments and suggestions for private practitioners, my favourite is this:

“[Then] there are lawyers who are really sources of market information and intelligence, who are always letting you know what’s going on in your industry, even when you yourself may not have a need for them that day. Those are the people who really become the trusted advisors.

I know that phrase “trusted advisor” gets overused. Maybe it becomes trite, but it really means something. What it means is that, even when I’m not in a position to send any work your way, you’re still going to pick up the phone and let me know what’s going on in my industry.”

Brian puts the dynamics of the client-lawyer relationship pretty simply really.

He also has something to say on ‘depth versus breadth’ that’s well worth a read, so wonder on over and take a read.  In the meantime, I’ll look forward to Part 2.

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