Only 33.3% of corporate counsel recommend their primary law firm to a peer

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Anyone who has been in law firm marketing and business development for more than five minutes will tell you that word of mouth referrals are worth their weight in gold. After all, who needs to do marketing if you have enough advocates championing your business with their networks? And aren’t these potential clients going to listen to their trusted contacts way more than they do you?

Of course they are. Which is why cultivating a referrer network has always ranked high among the “to do” list of business development managers.

That’s why for many of these business development and marketing managers it may come as something of an unwanted shock to learn that according to the latest post by BTI Consulting Group’s The Mad Clientist:

Only 33.3% of corporate counsel recommend their primary law firm to a peer

Which marks the second biggest drop in 15 years and which The Mad Clientist puts down to a change in ‘The Client Expectation Gap‘; namely no matter how great or bad, whatever work you just did for your client will be the yardstick your client treats as your new minimum performance standard.

A little unfair maybe: but if only roughly one in every three of your clients is willing to go into bat for you and recommend you to others in their network with like-minded legal issues, then your law firm has an issue and there’s no time to waste getting to work on the firm’s word of mouth referral program and make sure you ask as many advocates of the firm as you can find to champion you within their networks.

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