Are you paying attention to market trends?

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On my train journey to work this morning I read the following passage from a recent blog post (‘Ignore Market Trends: Strategic Planning’s Third Deadly Sin‘) by BTI Consulting Group’s The Mad Clientist:

People think they pay attention to market trends. But, the reality is—they almost totally ignore them.

Knowing the trends means next to nothing. Even understanding the trends means little. Taking specific action based on the trends means everything. Take action: craft strategies and tactics specifically to take advantage of the current trends or use the trends to guide your plans.

What’s your next move?

and it got me to thinking how my #BizDevTip blog post from yesterday fell short:

How many of us pay attention to market trends, but then don’t take any immediate action based on that information?

In law firms, where the wheels of approval can be slow at best, my bet would be most of us…

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