#BizDevTip: The 10% Rule…

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…states that:

only 10% of the people who follow,  connect or read what we have to say on Social Media give a damn about our particular brand of message.

The rest are just making up the numbers.

Or, is it the case that we really believe there is a Silent Majority who are listening to our story, what we have to say:

where 90% of the people who follow, connect or read what we write and say on Social Media really care about our particular brand of message?

So, next time you write something for consumption by, and distribution to, others on Social Media, I would like to recommended that you ask yourself:

  • Why am I writing this?
  • Who am I writing this for?
  • And does it make any difference to me if nobody reads this?

Because you may be seriously jeopardising your sanity and wasting a whole lot of your time if you take this Social Media thing all too seriously.