March consolidated weekly digest

As some of you know, I produce a weekly digest with links to interesting business development articles I’ve read that week. With the end of March today, below is a consolidation of my March weekly digest newsletters:

  • #9/17 (3 March 2017) – with a link to Bloomberg Law & Buying Legal Council’s ‘2017 Legal Procurement Survey’.
  • #10/17 (10 March) – with a link to Nicholas Bruch’s very insightful ‘New Approach to Law Firm Mergers: Lessons Learned From 15 Years of Consolidation’.
  • #11/17 (17 March) – with news from Susan Duncan that ‘True Collaboration Drives Profitability and Client Loyalty’.
  • #12/17 (24 March 2017) – with news that Deutsche Bank will stop paying its outside law firms for work carried out by newly qualified (NQ) lawyers and trainees.
  • #13/17 (30 March 2017) – that includes links to both the NSW Law Society FLIP Report and the results from the joint Legal Marketing Association and Bloomberg Law report – ‘Aligning Marketing and Business Development Resources for Law Firm Growth‘.

All up I think there are links to over 100 excellent business development related articles that have been published by people who are extremely generous with their time and sharing their expertise.

I remain indebted to their generosity.


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