#BizDevTip: Segment your contacts list to gain greater business development traction

Business Development image

Two things are pretty certain when dealing with Australian lawyers: First, they only have a ‘master’ CV (rarely tailored for the occasion); and second, they usually only have one contact database.

If this sounds familiar don’t fret, the answer is as simple as undertaking a health check of your current contact database and classifying each of your contacts according to their:

  • industry sector
  • geographic location
  • seniority
  • the strength of the relationship they have with you
  • any known specific and niche area needs they may have, and
  • their preferred method of communication.

You should start this process off by asking yourself:

“What does my contact need to know and how would they prefer I tell them?”

Get an honest answer to that question and you will find that you are much more likely to get engagement and a dialogue going with your contact(s) that should develop into better business leads.

On the other hand, you can keep your contacts bundled up in one database and see how many of them unsubscribe to updates in the near future.

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