#BizDevTip: “Today’s lawyering is about the experience of your service delivery…”

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This week’s #BizDevTip looks at the importance of great client service delivery from the client’s perspective.

For the last month or so I have had the following quote – attributed to Joey Coleman  – pined to my board at work:

“The experience you create for the customer is the last great differentiator.”

Pretty controversial stuff for law firm partners to grasp – and we all know how hard partners work at trying to avoid controversy!

So it was with particular interest that I read last week’s “In-house interview” on The [UK’s] Lawyer website with Steven Webb, head of legal, Premier Farnell, who stated:

“Some external firms think that knowing the answer to the legal question is worth something – and it is, but only a bit,” he says. “There are eight firms in Leeds that could do an acquisition for us, but [what sets them apart is] customer service – things like how advice is delivered…”

The appropriate part of Steven’s comment worth repeating…

 “but [what sets them apart is] customer service – things like how advice is delivered”

There you have it: Validation!

And so, a tip that young lawyers today might want to keep in mind is that:

today lawyering is less about being technically expert [a given], and more about delivering an exceptional experience your client can remember…


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