#BizDevTip: Start by worrying about what you can do!

Business Development image

This week’s #BizDevTip is for lawyers to:

“Stop worrying about what you cannot do, and start your business development journey by worrying about what you can do!”

There is no doubt that some people are naturally better at certain activities than others. For example, people who are more extrovert in nature tend to be better networkers (client events and entertaining) than introverts, who find this task difficult at first. Likewise, some people are better writers (e-newsletters, blogging and white-papers) than others. And some have an in-built ability to teach (seminars and workshops).

It doesn’t really matter where you start out on your business development journey, the important thing is that you start the journey. Or as Lao-tzu said:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


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